17/07/16 - 28/08/16

Angelika Loderer & Jenifer Nails present

Greener Grass


Aleksandra Bielas

Christiane Blattmann

Andy Boot

Sofia Duchovny

Jürgen Kleft

Angelika Loderer

Elfie Semotan

Come in, close your eyes. Feel what is there - touch, taste, smell, see, listen. Move along the existing path, along the wooden bed, the old sideboard, the open book - probably in French - the small sofa beneath the window, the unchanging view: green... the fluffy rug that lies on the floor, covered with laundry. The presence of the wardrobe makes you turn, the smooth and shiny surface, a short creaking noise and the doors are open. “Climb down with me the thousand stairs.” Deeper and deeper. Another space opens up, a new room is determined and created with identical fragments.

They even follow you in your dreams. The placement creates a different space. Bound to architectonic elements, the gaps, the in-betweenness that defines the relations and the dialectic of outside and inside. A small wet palm finds my hand.

Can I go out?